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Abernathy, John H Perry County, Missouri KStine See more
Abernathy, Emily Bollinger County, Missouri KStine See more
Abernathy, Elmira Bollinger County, Missouri ; Lincoln County, NC KStine See more
Abernathy, Betty Perry County, Missouri KStine See more
Abernathy, Adison Perry County, Missouri KStine See more
Abel, Randolph Warren, Missouri; Prince William, VA KStine See more
Abbot, James Perry, MO KStine See more
Aaron S Graves Farm Marion county, Kentucky and Atchison county, Missouri Janet Harder See more
Aaron Prescott Sumter, South Carolina KStine See more
Aaron Jones Rappahannock, Culpeper VA K. Anderson See more
Aaron Cherry Bertie County, North Carolina Rodney Nicholas See more
Aaron Burr, Rev. New Jersey Cindy Lott See more
A. Phillips Georgia ErnestineMoore See more
A. Barton McPherson farm Roane Co, TN Jill Nock See more
1st: H.B.Y. Montgomery, 2nd: State of Georgia State of Georgia KStine See more
?. Freedmen on Island 63 Island 63, Mississippi River (Civil War), Arkansas Sarah Johnson See more
? Jerrell Columbia County, Georgia Martine Brennan See more
? Van Buren County, Iowa, USA Karen Orozco Gutierrez See more

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