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Zachariah Ford
Pulaski, Kentucky
Judy Edwards
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Left in his will of 1819 in Pulaski County to his wife. Gloster- negro man Phillip- negro man Molly- negro woman Lillie-negro woman James- negro boy Left in his will to his son, Zachiriah- small negro boy- Simon small negro girl- Mariah To his daughter, Keziah Evans- a negro woman, Letty and her two children, Stanton and Pressly To John Ford- two small negroes: Ionston and Harriet To Elizabeth Weaver- negro girl by name of Abilene To Ebby Yager and her heirs- negro girl by the name of Sely To daughter, Polly Weaver and her hiers forever, negro girl named Lissy
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2018-06-11 20:22:09
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2018-06-11 20:22:09
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For every soul a story, a family, a name