If you don’t have slaveholding ancestors

The more of us who take up the Beyond Kin challenge, the faster and more thoroughly we’ll restore the names, families, and stories of generations of African Americans.  While the descendants of slaveholders (SHs) are a natural group to take up this task, we encourage any and all who want to participate. Adopt a plantation and get started.

Descendants of enslaved persons (EPs)

If you descend from enslaved persons, you will likely want to research a particular name in a particular place. Keep in mind that researching all you can know about the white family is nearly as important to your mission as researching the enslaved persons (EPs).

Follow the instructions in Making the Slave Connection to begin your Beyond Kin relationship.

Genealogists with no slaveholding or enslaved ancestors

If you are a genealogist who does not descend from slaveholders (SHs) but wants to adopt an enslaved group to document, we recommend you consider the following:

For every soul a story, a family, a name